BIOPROJ has innovative systems for the treatment of sanitary sewage and industrial effluent. These systems contain Biobob® technology, making systems robust, compact, efficient and simple to operate.


Biobob® technology enables the adaptation and expansion of the biological stage of effluent treatment without the need for new constructions, and it can be used in anaerobic, aerobic and anoxic reactors. In existing UASB reactors, the Biobob® technology enables even the doubling of treatment flow in the same reaction volume, reducing the formation of foam. The system with Biobob® technology in UASB reactors is called RANA-BIO and provides continuous operation without the need for backwashes, keeping the treatment always efficient.

conventional systems


Schematic comparison of the generation of sludge from conventional systems x BIOPROJ systems


For the implementation of new units, we have the Combined Bioreactor (CBR). This combines the anaerobic (RANA-BIO) or anoxic (RANOX-BIO) systems with the aerobic treatment (RAE-BIO). Because they have the biomass technology (Biobob®) adhered, the treated effluent becomes reusable. The CBR system has modular and vertical configuration, allowing for future enlargements. Compared to conventional technologies, it occupies an area up to 3 times smaller, as well as generating less sludge and requiring simplified operation. Since the aerobic treatment is overlaid to the anaerobic or anoxic treatment, there is the oxidation of the sulfidic gas, not generating unpleasant odors typical of effluent treatment plants. This allows the CBR to be allocated in areas close to urban occupation.

  • High capability (performance and quality);
  • High simplicity (flexible operation);
  • High flexibility (modular system);
  • High robustness (load shocks and absence of odor);
  • Continuous operation (no backwash required);
  • Low cost of implementation (footprint);
  • Low operating cost (sludge and energy).